Digi-Pulse™ Flow Monitors

Digi-Pulse™ Flow Monitors solve the age-old question “How do I know if my pump is pumping?” Pulsating flow of your pump can be monitored and transmitted using the LMI Digi-Pulse™ Flow Monitor. Designed to electrically signal a low or no flow condition, you can be assured of your pumping performance; an advantage when working with pulsating or very low flows. A transmitter can be connected to a remote counting or recording device. On LMI control code “9” series metering pumps the Digi-Pulse™ will provide the user with verification of pump performance. If the Digi-Pulse™ Flow Monitor detects output loss, it will shut the pump off and close a switch that may be tied to an alarm. The alarm signal may also be used to trigger a stand-by pump.

  • Corrosion resistant PVDF
  • Senses pulsating metering pump flow
  • Adjustable, in-line
  • Flow range: ml/stroke Max. LMI Pump Output 0.1 – 5.0 7.9 GPH (30.0 l/h)
  • Usable as Adjustable Flow Switch for non-pulsating flow
  • Economical

FM-200 Data Sheet
FM-300 Data Sheet